Mental Healthcare Service

Paddle Queensland has partnered with the White Cloud Foundation to provide Mental Healthcare services for its members.

All Paddle Queensland members, staff, affiliates and family members now have access to a state-wide multi-disciplinary and free mental healthcare service delivered by a dedicated team of allied healthcare professionals.

White Cloud Foundation founder, Professor Adam Scott said the White Cloud Tele-Mental Health Service is all about providing easier access to the right treatment at the right time to people living with or at risk of developing depression and/or anxiety.

“This is one of the most comprehensive telehealth services for depression and anxiety in Australia and it’s now available to all everyone associated with Paddle Queensland, no matter where they live, free of charge in their own home,” Prof. Scott said.

“We have assembled a talented team of allied healthcare professionals, from social workers to counsellors, exercise physiologists, and dieticians to provide tailored, holistic, clinical and practical care to treat depression from multiple fronts.

“This exceptional and experienced group of specialists will work together to develop individualised treatment plans to manage symptoms of depression and anxiety, reduce risk factors, build resilience and provide patients with strategies to better manage their mental and emotional health.

“The best part is it will all happen via technology using telehealth consultations (via phone or video conferencing) so paddlers across Queensland can access the service from home or wherever they are.”

“Anyone can access this service for just the cost of a local call.  There are no other costs involved.  People seeking help or support can just call direct on 07 3155 3456.  There is no need for a referral or a mental health plan from your GP and there is no limit to how many sessions you can access rather it’s about what’s right for the patient to get them well.”

CEO of Paddle Queensland, Scott Sharples said that being able to offer the White Cloud Tele-Mental Health service to members across the state, as well as other affiliates and family members is important for ensuring that paddlers are not only keeping physically fit, but mentally fit and well.

“It’s been a tough couple of years for all of us with COVID.  It has affected the mental health of most of us in some way.  So, as Queensland starts to open up again, it’s great to have a service in place that will provide easily accessible, tailored and holistic treatment and support for anyone in Paddle Queensland who is struggling with depression and/or anxiety.

“They will also provide support and advice to those who connected to someone battling depression.  Quite often it can be very hard on family members, friends and work mates when they’re not sure what to say or do to help.”

The White Cloud Tele-Mental Health service works by connecting people struggling with depression and/or anxiety with White Cloud Foundation’s team of multidisciplinary allied health practitioners via phone or videoconferencing.  This team work together to look at a client’s stressors, relationships, diet, exercise, sleep and other factors in order to develop individualised treatment plans that support that patient from all fronts – physically, emotionally, mentally and practically.

The enhanced and multi-disciplinary approach has been designed in partnership with consumers, clinicians, universities, mental health services and clinicians.

To access the service today, please call 07 3155 3456 and for crisis support in Queensland, please call 1300 MH CALL (1300 642 255).