To expand the sport of canoeing to be inclusive of people with a disability, the International Canoe Federation (ICF) partnered with the International Va’a Federation (IVF) in 2009 to launch the Paracanoe Development Program.

Formally known as ‘paddleability’, the new name of paracanoe was officially adopted in December of 2009 to align the sport with the Paralympic movement.  In 2010 the ICF and IVF further demonstrated their support for paracanoe by incorporating several events into their calendar, as well as providing support through the provision of suitable crafts and through training classifiers.

At a state level, paracanoe development commenced in 2010, primarily with a small number of interested athletes connected with their local clubs and coaches. The focus continues to be on developing and establishing sustainable structures and pathways for athletes with a disability that supports both participation at the grass roots level as well as the development and progression of talented athletes to facilitate the elite performance of athletes at the international level.