Foundation Coach

The foundation coachworks with beginners and recreational paddlers to introduce the basic paddling skills common to all competative paddling disciplines.  Key discipline specific skills are also introduced.

Fouondation accreditationis suited to coaches introducing paddlers to competative paddling at paddling clubs and in schools.

Course Description:

  • Foundation Coaching Course consists of one full day course.
  • Participants should expect approximately half a day in a semi classroom-style environment and half day on the water.
  • Participants must be prepared to put their skills into practice should come prepared for paddling sessions in both the morning and afternoon of the course.
  • Participants will be required to complete both on-line course pre-requisites prior to attending the coaching course and post-course requirements


  • $156*  Current Members of Paddle Queensland
  • $195*  Non-Members
    • * plus booking and processing fees

For enquiries contact:

Paddle Queensland


Foundation Coaching Course

Saturday 20th July 2019

7:00am to 5:00pm