Enclosed Sea Guide Award

Award Definition:

The Enclosed Sea Guide Award is for people seeking professional certification in enclosed sea paddling environments using sea kayaks.

The Paddle Australia Qualification Scheme (PAQS) is the industry benchmark certification designed to meet the needs of the canoeing / kayaking guide industry for education, recreational and tourism sectors nationwide.

Holders of the Enclosed Sea Guide Award are qualified to guide groups of novices on activity and day based programs in sea kayaks in enclosed waters defined as Bays and Harbours:

  • Inside of estuaries, harbours, embayment’s or other sheltering reefs or islands
  • Max 1.5 nautical miles from shore
  • Wind conditions below fresh winds (17 knots)
  • Breaking (white-capping) waves (sea) up to 0.5m
  • No surf

i.e.: – you are able to impart the skills required for participants to partake in a half/day trip with you, where if anything goes wrong you are there to deal with it.

Enclosed Sea Guide – Overview

Enclosed Sea Guide Training Course

Enclosed Sea Guide Assessment


  • 2 day training course – from $420*
  • 1 day assessment – from $295*
    • *plus booking and processing fees

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M  0408 901 900  (Mon-Fri 9am to 4pm)