Flatwater Instructor Award

Award Definition:

The Flatwater Instructor Award is for people seeking a professional certification in flat water paddling environments.

The Paddle Australia Qualification Scheme (PAQS) course is the industry benchmark certification designed to meet the needs of the canoeing and kayaking industry for education, recreational and tourism sectors nationwide.

Holders of the Flatwater Instructor Award have been assessed at and are qualified to lead and guide day and half day trips, plus instruct, facilitate and skill transfer to develop participants in order so that they may act independently or with minimal supervision on inland waters such as open lakes and rivers (but not on whitewater or at sea) in controlled conditions for inland kayaking and canoeing which include:

  • Sheltered and calm waters
  • Minimal wind
  • Ease of access to shore
  • Minimal flow of water

i.e.: – you are able to train a group of beginner students with practical and theory sessions to a level where they are able to plan and undertake a trip on their own (and/or pass the flatwater skills award), where if anything goes wrong, you have trained the students to deal with it.

Flatwater Instructor – Overview

Flatwater Instructor Training Course

Flatwater Instructor Assessment


  • 2 day training course – from $395*
  • 1 day assessment – from $270*
    • *plus booking and processing fees

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M  0408 901 900  (Mon-Fri 9am to 4pm)