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Canoe Ocean Racing refers to racing specially designed ocean racing skis, typically 5-6.5m in length, usually downwind with swells. The ocean ski is the fastest boat over long distances on ocean swells. The challenges canoe ocean racing can face include large waves driven by the wind, ground swells and paddling in wind speeds of more than 20 knots. Despite its typical instability, an ocean ski (with an experienced paddler) is a very effective craft for paddling in big surf. Its narrowness and length helps it cut or punch through large broken waves. Double-bladed paddles are used, often with highly contoured wing blades for extra efficiency.

The Ocean Ski is a very versatile and comfortable craft to paddle and can also be used in open flat water events. The discipline is the fastest growing ICF discipline with a strong annual national series and a World Title Championship bi-annually.  Queensland is home to the back to back World Champion, Cory Hill, as well as several other World Class paddlers.

Canoe Ocean Racing


Chair Tom Armitt
Committee Member Bonnie Hancock
Committee Member Craig Spender
Committee Member Alex Lloyd
Committee Member Troy Pease (SUP Specialist)
PQ Board Advisor Julian Norton-Smith


The purpose of the Ocean Racing Working Group is to provide advice and recommendations to the Board with respect to matters involving the development of Ocean Racing within Queensland. This includes the opportunity for Paddle Queensland to foster participation, coaching and racing in the sport of Ocean Racing.

If you have suggestions, comments or feedback, please reach out to your local representative.

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Your local Paddle Queensland club will also be able to let you know about how to get started.  Some clubs can assist with boats, coaching and beginner activities. You can find your nearest Paddle Queensland club here.

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Discipline Representative

Julian Norton-Smith