The National Athlete Pathway Framework (NAPF) is a “roadmap” to guide all stakeholders in the development of the athlete from Foundation to Mastery.

This document, along with various other support documents, provides the pathways for athlete development so that athletes can enter the system at any point and know what is next with the expectation of success in the future.



The purpose of the NAPF is to outline and monitor the athlete development pathway from learning the basics of paddling right through to elite performances.

The NAPF encompasses the Non-elite stage where athletes develop foundation level skills until identified and confirmed as having high performance talent at the Pre-elite stage and provided targeted support and coaching to reach their full potential and progress through to the Elite stage.

Each athlete will enter/progress and eventually exit the pathway at varying levels. This framework is a guideline only and does not reflect athlete selections or categorisations.

PA’s vision is to ultimately connect with all Australians through paddle sports, recreation and performance to become Australia’s favourite water sport. The NAPF enables PA to connect our recreational and developing participants with our elite performers in the Sport Performance Program.

The NAPF was developed by the Sports Performance Pathway Project Committee after extensive consultation with the National Performance Director, sports performance coaches and pathways consultants.

While PA recognises the importance of the athlete pathway from foundation stages, this document represents the key sports performance components of the pathway.


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