Qld Canoeing Strategic Plan (2017-2019)

Consultation and development of a new Strategic Plan (2017-2019) was undertaken during 2016 to enable continuity from the current strategic planning cycle for canoeing in Queensland.

The Qld Canoeing Strategy Forum was conducted at the Qld Canoeing Office on Saturday 14th May 2016. The forum was attended by member clubs and stakeholders, including representatives from 8 affiliate clubs (recreation and competition), technical committees, local government/local community organisations, local service providers, board and staff.

The forum was facilitated by Alana Thomson and the input and involvement of all attendees provided a valuable contribution to the development of our new strategy framework and plan for paddlesports in Queensland.

To ensure our clubs and members are on board, a summary of outcomes from the forum, along with an online survey to capture feedback, was circulated to club committees outlining our progress to date 2016 Queensland Canoe Strategic Forum – Stakeholder Update (pdf – 600kb). Further, targeted feedback was gained through several club focus groups and consultations.

As a result of planning process, we have identified our vision, purpose, key strategic pillars supported by underlying strategic enablers to be addressed in the 2017-2019 Strategic Plan. These are summarised visually below and provide the foundation of our strategic plan for paddlesports in Queensland.


This is an ambitious set of outcomes to be achieved, and will rely on the collaborative efforts of QC, clubs and other key stakeholders.

We will continue to consult, discuss and work with clubs, committees, stakeholders and partners to roll out the 2017-2019 strategic plan to ensure paddlesports in Queensland is in the best position to grow and prosper.

Download our QC Strategic Plan 2017-2019 (pdf – 337kb) is available to download.

Download our QC Strategic Plan 2017 KPIs (pdf – 885kb) is available to download.