Steve Belcher (Interested Director)

Steve Belcher is a Project and Operations Manager with extensive experience planning and delivering major international events. Steve served as the Manager Sport Operations for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, and has been involved in a broad range of previous multi-sport and non-sporting events including the Olympic and World Masters Games, and the APEC and B20 Summits.

Steve has a keen interest in outdoor activities, and in water sports in particular. Steve has been a recreational sea kayaker since 2000, and has been paddling ocean ski’s since 2015.

Steve is a strong believer in the positive impacts which participation in active, group activities has for people of all ages. Steve hopes to contribute towards enhancing the opportunities for individuals young and old to access social and competitive paddle activities of all disciplines.

Steve was elected as an Interested Director for a 2 year term in September 2018.