We had our Paddle Queensland Awards Night last month and are delighted to announce the winners. Included is a small excerpt from their nomination form detailing their suitability for the award. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Paddler of the Year: Luke Chapman

“Luke is a fit and athletic young man who has been used pictorially for advertising purposes for the clubs he is involved in, he prides himself on his nutrition and fitness and embodies the healthy athlete that many of us aspire to. Luke also in spite of his young adulthood status, is happy to have his parents, both active paddlers and members, assist him with his paddling events. This family first image gives the harmonious appearance of a positive and safe environment for many other young paddlers and their parents.”

Junior Paddler of the Year: Chaise Richardson

“Chaise never takes her success for granted and always respects her competitors and other paddlers. She is passionate and driven to the sport of kayaking.”

Master Paddler of the Year: Gavin Cook

“Gavin’s enthusiasm and passion for the sport is infectious and inspires those around him. He consistently demonstrates respect for officials, opponents, other competitors and club members, both during and outside of competition. He assists other competitors where required and frequently provides advice and encouragement to less experienced paddlers.”

Coach of the Year: Julian Norton-Smith

“There have been many instances where Julian has demonstrated high care and concern for his athletes, of assisting athletes and club members on rehab programs, facilitating introductions to appropriate practitioners and providing mental and emotional support for athletes entering events for the first time. Julian spends time personally preparing each athlete with advice on training, race plan and support and encouragement leading up to an event.”

Instructor/Guide of the Year: Allana Bold

“Allana’s skill sets, experiences and focus on individual needs give her the ability to assist paddling on all levels of experience. This gives those she is instructing/guiding trust, empathy and confidence, with participants leaving very satisfied and impressed with her work.”

Volunteer of the Year: Doug Brennan

“Doug’s unwavering commitment to club meetings, decision making and financial commitments has been inspiring to other committee members. This has been particularly shown during times of tough decisions with his calm, logical and unbiased comments on situations that have arisen in the management of the club.”

Club of the Year SE QLD: Brisbane Paddling Club

“An important aspect of the Brisbane Paddling Club are the social connections made by members, which extend beyond paddling. The executives are active in establishing an inclusive, friendly and supportive culture. The success of this is evidenced by very high attendance at regular squad training, and events both social and competitive.”

Event of the year: Pacific Coast Paddle Series

“The Pacific Coast Paddle Series provides a seamless event for participants and clubs. The entry process, timing and management of briefings/ start order and results has been outstanding. Chris and Brenda Hurley and Julie Frost have been a team that has revived marathon paddling in Queensland over the last couple of years.”

Photo of the year: Suzette Graham

Photograph taken at Varsity Lakes Club

Short Film of the year: Delia West