More people Paddling, More of the time!

Our aim at Paddle Queensland is to get more people out onto the water. Whatever type of Paddle sport you do, we support it. We work with Paddle sporting clubs all around Queensland to bring you both fun and competitive events to your local community.

Paddle Queensland supports a variety different types of paddlesport in Qld. The types of paddlesport are also know as disciplines. 

These are made up of traditional paddlesport disciplines like Canoe Sprint, Canoe Marathon, Canoe Polo and Sea Kayaking but we also recognise Associate Disciplines like Outrigger Canoe or Stand up Paddling. We at Paddle Queensland work with other governing bodies to promote these sports.

All of our disciplines have a representative or if appropriate a technical committee to that acts as a voice for that discipline.

If you would like to know more, please contact us at