The Series was developed to support our Paddle Clubs, their members and the wider paddle sports community through the challenging times of COVID-19. This program was a great success and by popular demand, is back for 2021 and will continue in future years.

The Pacific Coast Virtual Series provides Paddle Clubs with a product to help engage current members, re-connect with past members, provide local communities with an exercise activity that can safely operate within the Governments social distancing measures, while helping Queenslanders to keep functioning.

Event Detail:

Round #1 – March
6km Results
12km Results
18km Results

Round #2
Start: 1st of April 2021
Finish: 30st of April 2021

Round #3
Start: 1st of May 2021
Finish: 31st of May 2021

Round #4
Start: 1st of June 2021
Finish: 30st of June 2021

Round #5
Start: 1st of July 2021
Finish: 31st of July 2021

Round #6
Start: 1st of August 2021
Finish: 31st of August 2021

Round #7
Start: 1st of September 2021
Finish: 31st of September 2021

Cost – FREE

Singles – Canoes, Kayaks, Ocean Skis, Spec ski, SUPs, Outriggers
Team Boats – K2, C2, OC2

Distance – Athletes can participate in more then one distance if desired

Reminder that paddling for the VS needs to be in a loop or out & back course. This keeps its fair for all paddlers over the various distances – ex. if you face a head wind one way, you will get a tail wind on the return etc.

Age Brackets
U12, U14, U16, U18, and U23s .
Masters: U35, U45, U55, U65 U& 70.

Entry Requirements
– Must be a current Paddle Queensland Paddle Club member.
– NO Registration process – only using GoMembership to submit times, which are due by            the end of each Month (See Key Dates).
– Entries will be accepted in the following formats:
– GARMIN / Smart Watch,
– Relive,
– Endomondo,

You can only submit one (1) time, which will be the FASTEST TIME and this is due at the end of the rounds month.
Example: Rounds 1 is in March, which means you will need to submit your time before the 31st fo March. Please note: It is recommended you wait until the very end of the month to ensure you are only submitting the fastest time. Ex: If you submit a time mid month but then beat that time later in the month, you cannot enter the time as you had already submitted another time mid month.


Need help submitting times? here is a How to Guide

Acknowledged per age group and craft category


If you have any questions or issues, please contact Eden qld@paddle.org.au