2021 Paddle Queensland School Championships

 Saturday 16 – Sunday 17 October, 2021
Venue: Damien Leeding Memorial Park, Coomera Lake
GPS Address: Watersports Ln, Oxenford 4210

ENTRIES OPEN: Wednesday 1st of September 2021
TRIES CLOSE: Midnight on Monday 11th of October 2021

Entry Fees
PQ Members $15
Non-Members $20



*Price per event
All fees must be paid prior to race day.

*Participants must be a financial member of Paddle Queensland or Paddle Australia Inc and hold no debts. International competitors must be members of a club affiliated with a National body, which is a member of the International Canoeing Federation (proof is required e.g. letter from national organisation).

Single: K1, C1, OC1, SUP, Ski, V1, TK1
Team: K2, TK2, K4, C2, DBL Ski, OC2, OC3/V3, OC6

Age Groups
Male, Female and Mixed (no mixed in Marathons)
U10, U12, U14, U16, U18

Please note:

  • The age you are as of 31st December 2021 determines your age group, irrespective of the competition date.
    Example 1: If the event is in October and you turn 15 in November (after the event), you will be in U16.
    Example 2: If you are turning 14 in 2021, (regardless of when the month), you will compete in U14s.
  • Age groups may be amalgamated according to the entries received.
  • Paddlers may only enter one age category and may choose to race in a higher age group.
  • Mixed Team Boats – there must be a 50/50 split to be categorised as a mixed Team Boat
    IE: 2 Boys & 2 Girls in a K4.

Sprint – Saturday 16 October 2021


500m Single & Team Boats
200m Single Boats only

Course Map

Marathon – Sunday 17 October 2021

Distance: 1.25 Loops around the Sprint Course

Ages Distance Laps
U10, U12 2.5km 2
U14 5 km 4
U16 7.5 km 6
U18 10 km 8


Medals will be presented to those who come first, second or third. Presentations of medals will be made throughout the day. All winners are named as the PQ State School Champion for their class.

Competitors are required to dress appropriately for medal presentations: Club uniform or neat casual dress in club colours should be worn. Togs, towels and/or bare chests are not appropriate as a way of showing respect for our sport and the dignitaries who may be presenting medals.


Any questions, please contact Eden qld@paddle.org.au