The Pacific Coast Marathon Series consists of five (5) marathon races hosted by Paddle Queensland Member Clubs across South East Queensland. The Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club will host Race 1 with the Sandgate Paddling Club hosting Race 2. Brisbane Paddlers Club will host Race 3, Wynnum Redlands Canoe Club will host Race 4 and the Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club will host Race 5 the Pacific Coast Marathon Cup.

Race 2 registrations close 11:59pm Wednesday, 9th June 2021!
Registrations will open one (1) race at a time.

Race 2 Course Layout.


Race Date Host Club Registrations Close
1 Sun, 16th May Currumbin Creek Paddle Club Link to Results
2 Sun, 13th Jun Sandgate Paddling Club Wed, 9th Jun
3 Sun, 18th Jul Brisbane Paddling Club Wed, 14th Jul
4 Sun, 8th Aug Wynnum Redlands Canoe Club Wed, 4th Aug
5 – Cup Sun, 19th Sep Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club Wed, 15th Sep

18km, 12km and 6km.

Single and Double craft only. Canoes, Kayaks, Ocean Skis, Spec Skis, SUPs, Outriggers.

Race Divisons

Series Race Divisions
1 2 3 4
18km 12 + Kph 10-12 Kph 8-10 Kph 6-8 Kph
12km 12 + Kph 10-12 Kph 8-10 Kph 6-8 Kph
6km 12 + Kph 10-12 Kph 8-10 Kph 6-8 Kph
The Paddle Queensland Canoe Marathon Technical Committee may regrade a paddler after they have competed in two races. Race speeds may vary due to conditions.

Divison Seeding – Races 1 to 4
Paddlers will select a Race Division for their first race on registration. Your first race time will determine your Race Division for your next race.

Awards – Races 1 to 4
First, Second and Third place per Series and Race Division.

Any general questions please contact Eden on 0408 901 900 or qld@paddle.org.au