Pacific Coast Virtual Series

Dear Paddle Clubs and members,

It is my pleasure to present the 2020 Paddle Queensland Pacific Coast Virtual Series.

The Series has been developed to support our Paddle Clubs, their members and the
wider paddle sports community in these challenging times.

The Pacific Coast Virtual Series provides Paddle Clubs with a product to help engage members, re-connect with past members, provide local communities with an exercise activity that can safely operate within the Governments social distancing measures, while helping Queenslanders to keep functioning.

We all know that leading an active lifestyle is good for us.

If we participate in regular physical exercise, we can expect to enjoy multiple physical and mental health benefits and by taking good care of our body, is one of the most important things we can do to improve our mental well-being.

Physical exercise makes you feel good, lifts your mood, increases your energy levels and improves your sleep.

A well-balanced and nutritious diet, provides you with the right balance of nutrients to work at your very best and able to handle life’s day to day challenges.

After a day of physical exercise, coupled with a well-balanced and nutritious diet, the last way to improve our overall well-being is to get more rest. By aiming for eight hours of sleep a day, you will provide your body with important downtime to process and store the information it receives during the day.

Feeling connected to people, groups, places and culture also plays and important role in our mental well-being. We have evolved to live in tight bands and family groups, with a need for constant social interaction. Fostering and nurturing stronger relationships and connections in our community will also strengthen your social networks for when you might need extra support.

Spending time in nature has major benefits for your mental well-being and has also been shown to have wider health benefits including, building your immune system, lowering your blood pressure, improving your mood, reducing stress and there is no better way to embrace nature than paddling.

When your spending time in nature it also allows you to get more exposure to the sun which helps produce mood-stabilising chemicals such as serotonin, while also giving your Vitamin D levels a boost which helps regulate your sleep-wake cycles.

The Pacific Coast Virtual Series goal is to support our community, ensure exercise and participation in paddling continues to play an integral part of maintaining physical and mental health during these challenging times.

For further details on the Pacific Coast Virtual Series please click here.

Paddle Queensland Paddle Clubs and their members should always act in accordance with the general advice available from the Department of Health and any Federal or State recommendations or requirements that are applicable.

Further links can be found on the Paddle Australia COVID-19 page.


Yours in paddling,

Scott Sharples
Executive Officer

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