COVID-19 Guidance for Paddlers and Paddle Clubs

Paddle Queensland recommend you continue to
make yourself aware of information in relation
to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and adhere to the
below Paddling Guidelines.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020.

Dear Paddle Queensland Members and Member Clubs,

The following guide is to support our community and ensure exercise and participation in paddling continues to play an integral part of maintaining physical and mental health during these challenging times.

Paddlers and Paddle Clubs should always act in accordance with the general advice available from the Department of Health and any Federal or State recommendations or requirements that are applicable. Further links can be found on the Paddle Australia COVID-19 page.

  • Social distancing should be a main consideration when afloat and when launching
    and coming off the water, particularity when paddling for recreation.
  • Inter-club and/or open competitions should not continue until further notice.
  • Activities and events should be limited to club members only.
  • Team boat activity should not continue until further notice.
  • Canoe polo competitions should not continue until further notice.
  • Club changing facilities should not be used until further notice.

The training of new participants is an important activity and clubs may consider
continuing this activity providing the advice below can be followed to ensure the
safety of all participants.

  • All communal or shared boats and paddles should be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant after each use by a single person.
  • Only one (1) person is to be in a shed, container or boat house at any one time.
  • A maximum of one (1) boat is allowed on a wash rack at any one time.
  • A maximum of one (1) person can wash boats at any one time.
  • Paddlers must always ensure a minimum distance of two (2) metres between one another at all times, both on and off the water.
  • Paddlers must always ensure they enter and exit the water while keeping a minimum distance of two (2) metres between one another.
  • Paddlers waiting to wash their equipment are to always keep a minimum distance
    of two (2) metres between one another and not be in the vicinity of more than
    two (2) people, including family members at any one time.

The following links source information/directions are provided by the Federal Government, Queensland Government & Sporting bodies for their advice on COVID-19.

Queensland Health
Queensland Government Public Health Directions
World Health Organisation
AIS – COVID-19 and Sporting Activity
International Canoe Federation

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Please do not hesitate to contact me should any further information be required,
at or on 0414 960 728.

Yours in paddling,

Scott Sharples
Executive Officer, Paddle Queensland