2020: A new era for Paddle QLD

Dear Paddle QLD Community,

It is my pleasure to provide you with the following report on the technical committee structure for next year.

The PQ Board, office staff and former committee members have been working hard to give these committee’s a new look, as well as trying to bring new paddlers / members onto the committee to assist Paddle Queensland moving into 2020.

As Chairman, my aim was to bring a diverse group of PQ members together so we (Board and Committees) had several voices from all levels. We have been able to bring together fathers / mothers of PQ’s next generation, former elite and current elite paddlers, members who have competed at world championships and others happy to compete at club level, past committee members and new committee members as well as members who have experienced the good and challenges of the past.

I have personally asked a member from each committee to be chair. These new chairs and the committees will be assisted always by the PQ office and its staff. The open water committee will be chaired by Tom Armitt with the flat-water committee having co-chairs in Ben Lloyd and Scott Sharples (PQ EO).

In addition to this, the PQ Board has assigned Chris Hurley to the flat water and me to the open water committees as Board Advisors. Paddle Qld now have over 20 voices who will help the organisation move into the future. This number does not include the current PQ Board members.

With a solid structure now in place, communication will flow up and down from the Board to the committees and committees to the Board, enabling all of us to develop the strongest policies and structures.

Assisting both committees will be a new coaching advisory panel. These coaches will not only discuss paddlers, training programs, assisting in getting paddlers to national events and working together on training camps, but also feed information up to committee chairs so to assist in event structures and policies.

We are looking at a holistic view and building a strong family where all parties and levels will benefit.

Please find below the members for the flat water and open water committees. While these two committees will be working on separate events, policies and structures, both committees will be working together on the annual event calendar as well as other things throughout the year.

Flat Water Committee

  1. Ben Lloyd (Co Chair)
  2. Gavin Cook
  3. Ian Frost
  4. Alyce Wood
  5. Susan Seipel
  6. Donna Wilson
  7. Ian Swane

Co-Chair – Scott Sharples (Paddle QLD EO)

PQ Board Advisor – Chris Hurley

Handover Position – Alicen Warren (3 months)

Open Water Committee

  1. Tom Armitt (Chair)
  2. Bonnie Hancock
  3. Craig Spender
  4. Alex Lloyd
  5. Troy Pease (SUP Specialist)

PQ Board Advisor – Julian Norton-Smith

Coaching Advisory Panel

  1. Shaun Caven
  2. Peter Winton
  3. Shane Dalziel
  4. Julian Norton-Smith
  5. (looking for a fifth coach)

I would like to thank you all for nominating / agreeing to be part of our two new Technical Committees.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Julian Norton-Smith, Chairman

Paddle Queensland Inc. Sleeman Sports Complex, 1763 Old Cleveland Road, Chandler.