2019 PQ Flatwater School Championships – Registration open now!

The 2019 Flatwater School Championships is a multi discipline event taking place on the 19th of October at Damian Leeding Memorial Park, Coomera. This event is open to all participants of school age, regardless of school affiliation.


  • Non PQ Members – $35
  • PQ Members – $30

Are you a Paddle Qld Member? If you are, you will receive a $5 discount as you are already covered by Paddle Qld insurance.

Bulk booking for schools available – See FAQ for more details!

This event will feature a day of sprints and marathon. The list of acceptable craft is as follows:

  • K1
  • K2
  • TK1
  • Tk2
  • Guppies (Under 10s only)

Everyone will be separated into their appropriate male/female divisions which are:

  • U10
  • U12
  • U14
  • U16
  • Open (16+)

Craft will also be available on the day, please let us know if you require a certain type of boat. A BBQ and coffee van will also be available on site. All participants under 14 and/or non swimmers are required to wear life jackets for safety.

Day Program:

8:00am – Boat numbers registration/check in

8:20am – Marathon Races Start

8:30am – 2km

U10, U12 boys and girls
Tk1,k1, guppies

9.15am – 4km

U14 boys and girls

10.00am – 6km

U16,open. Boys and girls

11:00am – Lunch

11.30am – Sprints start

Division: Craft:
U10 Male Guppies TK1, K1
U10 Female TK2 , K2
U12 Male TK1,K1
U12 Female TK2, K2
U14 Male TK1, K1
U14 Female TK2. K2
U16 Male TK1, K1
U16 Female TK2, K2
Open Male TK1. K1
Open Female TK2, K2
U10 Female Guppies , TK1, K1
U10 Male TK2, K2
U12 Female TK1, K1
U12 Male TK2, K2
U14 Female  TK1, K1
U14 Male TK2, K2
U16 Female TK1, K1
U16 Male TK2, K2
Open Female TK1, K1
Open Male TK2, K2

3:00pm – Estimated Wrap time


What are you actually registering for? Sprints, marathon, singles, doubles?

When you sign up you are automatically registered for the maximum amount of races
that are available to you, both Sprints and Marathon. If you would like to only do
sprints or marathon, please let us know on the day and we will withdraw you from that race.

Please note: When you register for double craft you are also registering for the singles races of that craft type available to you as well. There will be no doubles craft participating in the marathon, only the sprints. If you wish to participant only in the doubles races please let us know on the day.

Can I use mixed craft on the day?

For multiple craft entry you will have to opt into that on the day (see race organizers). This is mostly because of the limitations of Register now.

For the marathon it will be physically impossible to use two different craft as it will be done in waves. In the sprints it will be done in heats, so you are able to change craft.

Please keep in mine that if you nominate to use a K1 in sprints that you will be unable to then use a TK1 in a following heat. This is to maintain fairness. You are able to compete in both singles and doubles heats however. Provided that is falls within the same age range. As I said before, you opt into this on the day so if there are any issues you can discuss them with the race organizers on the day.


What distance is each age group paddling?

U10, U12. 2 Km
U14. 4km
U16 6km
Over 16. 6km

300 metres for all ages

Is Bulk registration available for schools?

Yes, please send an excel sheet with the following information on it:

  1. Name
  2. Gender
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Craft type that will be used
  5. Emergency contact/legal guardian information
  6. Is the paddler a PQ financial member?
  7. School Affiliation of participant
  8. Filled out insurance form from legal guardian (if not PQ member).

Send this information to events.qld@paddle.org.au and we’ll get back to you. If you have any further questions, please contact us at this address.

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