2019 National Canoe Polo Championships Results

Over the Easter long weekend Queensland’s Canoe Polo teams faced tough competition from both national and international teams at 2019 National Canoe Polo Championships that took place on the 20-22 April, at Penrith Whitewater Stadium, NSW.

Our Polo team’s perseverance has been rewarded with Queensland winning the State trophy for for the event.

We’d like to congratulate the 2019 QLD Canoe Polo team for this phenomenal result. All your hard work has paid off.

We at Paddle Queensland would like to thank staff, athletes, volunteers and spectators. Of which all of whom, made the success of this event possible.

A special thanks Paddle NSW for their work in organizing the event.

1. NZ U21 Men A
2. NSW A
3. Draft
4. SA
5. NZ Men B
6. QLD
7. ACT
8. VIC
9. NSW B
State Trophy:
1. QLD
2. NSW
3. SA
4. ACT & VIC (Tie)
6. TAS
Open Womens:
1. NZ Women
2. VIC
3. NZ U21 A
4. ACT
5. SA
6. QLD
7. NSW
U18 (Juniors):

1. Fifth Wheel
2. QLD 1
3. ACT
4. TAS
5. QLD 2
6. QLD Women

1. NSW B
2. NSW A
3. SA
4. VIC
5. TAS
1. NSW
2. NZ
1. NZ U18 A
2. QLD
3. NZ U18 B
4. NZ U21 B
5. TAS
6. NSW
7. SA
U21 Womens:
1. NZ U21 B
2. NZ U18 A
3. NZ U18 B


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