U23 and Junior sprint paddlers ready for World Championships

Queensland has eight representatives on the Paddle Australia’s U23 and Junior sprint team that is competing at the 2018 ICF Canoe Sprint U23 and Junior World Championships with racing starting in Plovdiv, Bulgaria today.
Plovdiv has been on the European and international canoe calendar since 1997 when Bulgaria’s second biggest city hosted the very first European Canoe Sprint Championships and will host the best Junior and U23 paddlers from around the world from Thursday 26 July to Sunday 29 July 2018. A total of 930 athletes from 68 nations have entered the Championships.
Racing will kick-off in Plovdiv, Bulgaria today (Thursday, 26 July) from 8:30 local time (15:30 AEST) with Junior heats. The first medal events are scheduled for Friday afternoon local time (23:30 AEST).
Tom Green (Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club)
Joel McKitterick (Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club)
Brianna Massie  (Kawana Waters Canoe Club)
Carter Brodhurst – Hill (Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club)
MacKenzie Duffy (Kawana Waters Canoe Club)
Alicia Fay (Kawana Waters Canoe Club)
Tiarnee Massie (Kawana Waters Canoe Club)
Anthea Warne (Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club)
See the full Paddle Australia article here: https://paddle.org.au/2018/07/26/paddle-australias-u23-and-junior-sprint-paddlers-ready-for-world-championships-in-bulgaria/
See the full race schedule here (AEST = +7hrs): https://www.canoeicf.com/sites/default/files/preliminary_schedule_u18_u23_world_championships_canoe_sprint_february_2018.pdf
Live Stream will be available from July 26 – 29, 2018 via www.canoeicf.com or via ICF youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVagCjubko2x50KpYhnLsCQ 
Follow results here: http://results.imas-sport.com/imas/regatta.php?competition=wettkampf_184
Photos courtesy of Megan Mckay Brodhurst-Hill