Program of the Month: Merrimac State High School and Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club

Dream collaboration between Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club and Merrimac State High School
Each Wednesday at 12.45 a busload of students from Merrimac State High School arrive at Lake Orr for a paddling training session organised by Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club.
One of the club´s members, Shannon Porche, works as teacher at Merrimac State High School and has been keen in establishing a relationship between the school and the club. The kids are all of different ages and were selected by Porche, based on essays they had to submit listing the reasons for why they wanted to join the program.
The aim of the program is to get as many juniors interested in the sport. Chris Hurley and Peter Winton from Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club identified the lack of junior participants as one of the club´s main weak points and have been working proactively to increase paddling opportunities for young paddlers.
“We want to build up the junior program for canoeing in all of Queensland as it is important for the growth of the sport. These kids will be competing at the school marathons and sprints, effectively adding a new school to compete at the events which is very positive for the sport” Chris Hurley explained.
The program has been a great success and will continue in term 4. The kids are excited and eager to come back each week and half of the students now join the club’s training sessions on Saturdays.
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