Gregory River Canoe Marathon

The 43rd edition of the Gregory River Canoe Marathon is fast approaching hosted by the North West Canoe Club on Saturday 6 May 2018.
Few sporting events manage to attract more than their most loyal followers to travel out of town. Fewer still manage to coax people to travel hundreds of kilometres to participate in a sport that ordinarily, they would never consider trying. The Gregory River Canoe Marathon does just that.
While the majority of paddlers are novices who are entering the race purely for fun, the serious competitors are also catered for with the opportunity to win some major prize money.
The overall race record stands at 2 hours 43 minutes and 23 seconds set by Matt Flower and Chad Meek in 2001. $2000 is offered to anyone who can beat this time.
Other Prize money includes:
First boat across the line, regardless of category $500
K1 – Male/ Female – 1st $400:2nd $200:3rd $100
TK1 – Male/ Female – 1st $400:2nd $200:3rd $100
TK2 – 1st $400:2nd $200:3rd $100
Plastic Long Male/ Female- 1st $400:2nd $200:3rd $100
TC2 Teams- 1st $1000:2nd $600:3rd $300
Short Race – Random Prizes only
At 8 am on Sunday of the Labour day weekend the starters gun will fire again, and over one hundred paddlers will be pitting themselves against the Gregory River and each other, in some of the most picturesque scenery you will see anywhere in Australia.