2018 Canoe Sprint Nationals – Day 1 and 2 Recap

Queensland paddlers have had some fantastic results so far for the first two days of the 2018 Canoe Sprint National Championships at the SIRC in Penrith
Having already achieve an automatic qualification for the Open Sprint Team Aly Bull (Sunshine Coast Paddlesports Club) had her eyes on qualifying for the U23 team as well. She came first in both Open K2 500 with fellow Queenslander Alyce Burnett (Sunshine Coast Paddlesports Club) and U23 K2 500 with partner Shannon Reynolds (WA). Alyce also took the gold in Womens Open K1 200 A Final competing against Aly Bull (Sunshine Coast Paddlesports Club) and Brianna Massie (Kawana Waters Canoe Club).
Susan Seipel (Brisbane Canoeing) and Curtic McGrath (Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club) both came second in their K1 200m Open Multi-Class A Finals while snapping up the gold in V1 200 Open Multi-Class A Final.
The Hardwick siblings have been making a splash at the Nationals in their respective categories. Sarah Hardwick (Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club) has grabbed the silver in the Womens U12 category in both 500m and 1000m. While Daniel Hardwick (Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club) has been sweeping up the medals in the U14 categories coming third in individual events as well as taking home the gold with teammate Tim Hyde (WA) in U14 K2 500m and 1000m. Daniel was also a part of a K4 team along with Ava Lund (Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club) that took home the gold in Mixed U14 500m.
Queensland was well represented in the Womens U16 K1 500 Final A by Jenaya Massie (Kawana Waters Canoe Club) who came first as well as by Phoebe Wills-Grace (Kawana Waters Canoe Club) and Chaise Richards (Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club).
Jenaya has been fantastic throughout the tournament as she also won the gold in Womens U16 K1 2500 and was a part of the K4 crew that took the top spot in Womens U16 K4 1000 along with Phoebe Wills-Grace (Kawana Waters Canoe Club).
The Womens Under 18 K2 500 Final was dominated by Queenslanders. Anthea Warne (Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club) came first along with her partner Kailey Harlen from NSW. While all Qld team Mackenzie Duffy (Kawana Waters Canoe Club) and Tiarnee Massie from (Kawana Waters Canoe Club) came second. Alicia Fay also from Kawana Waters Canoe Club just missed out on a medal in fourth place racing with her partner Yasemin Ray from WA.
Four paddlers represented Queensland in the Womens Under 18 K1 200 A Final; Mackenzie Duffy (Kawana Waters Canoe Club), Tiarnee Massie (Kawana Waters Canoe Club), Sophie Butler (Wynnum Redlands Canoe Club), Alicia Fay (Kawana Waters Canoe Club) with Mackenzie and Tiarnee taking 2nd and 3rd respectively.
The Womens U16 K1 200 A Final saw four Queensland paddlers competing Phoebe Wills-Grace (Kawana Waters Canoe Club) who came third and Jenaya Massie (Kawana Waters Canoe Club), Shannay Butler (Wynnum Redlands Canoe Club) and Sophie Rixon (Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club)
Ava Lund (Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club) and Natalee Rixon (Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club) have been paddling great throughout and grabbed some medals in the Womens U14 categories.
Jordan Wood (Gold Coast Kayak and Canoe) took home the bronze in Mens Open K1 1000 A final while Bill Bain (Sunshine Coast Paddlesports Club), Tom Green (Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club) and Joel McKitterick (Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club) came fourth to sixth respectively.
The Mens Open K2 1000 final: saw Queenslanders take first through to fourth place along with their partners. Jordan Wood (Gold Coast), Tom Green (Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club), Joel McKitterick (Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club) Bill Bain (Sunshine Coast Paddlesports Club) taking 1-4 place respectively.  Jy Duffy (Kawana Waters Canoe Club) also competed on behalf of Queensland.
Benjamin Manning (Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club) impressed in the C1 and came third in the Mens Open C1 1000 final.
Fantastic couple of days of paddling! Good luck for all outstanding races. Go Queenslander!
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