AC Skill, Endorsement and Rescue Awards

Skill, Endorsement and Rescue Awards now have a three year expiry from the date of issue.
In the past these awards have not required a renewal every three years and consequently had no expiry date.  As these awards are used in many applications as proof of skills and knowledge, it is important that these awards demonstrate the holder has maintained the skills and knowledge they had to gain the award in the first instance.
The best way to show this is through a logbook and re-registration.  These awards (except Basic Skills awards) will now require a free renewal every 3 years by the submission of a logbook that validates the required points (50 points), and the details of a peer (holds the same award of higher) who confirms that your skills and knowledge have been maintained.
The cost of the renewal is FREE.
As from March 1 2018, renewal of these awards will only be accepted via the Paddle Log mobile app or Paddle Log desktop app.
Paddle log is currently in the final testing stage to enable renewals direct from the app. (This will be in place before the 1st March)
Paddle Log is available on Apple and Android, details can be found here and also on desktop which can be found at:
Process: –
If you hold one of these awards and it does not have an expiry date, an expiry date will be added to the award in your profile. The expiry of this award will depend on when the award was gained.
To view the details of your award you will need to refresh your awards in Paddle log or view your profile on the education system here

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