2018 Marathon Series – Divisional Racing

In an exciting transformation, the Northern Marathon Series will move to a divisional format in 2018.
The Marathon Series will consist of 10 marathon races including 6 races in QLD and 4 in NSW.
The series will be open to all craft: TK1, TK2, K1, K2, all skis, Stand Up Paddleboards, Outriggers, Sea kayaks, Long recreational crafts, and Canoes.
Each club will offer a long distance race (15 Km and above), a middle distance race (10 Km and above), and a short distance race (5 Km and above).

Race divisions^ – How will it all work? 

^Subject to change
All Long Distance races will have 7 Divisions. Each paddler will be placed in a division based on their average speed.

Division  Average Speed
Division 1 12.5 km and above
Division 2 Between 12.0 and 12.5 km
Division 3 Between 11.5 and 12.0 km
Division 4 Between 11.0 and 11.5 km
Division 5 Between 10.5 and 11.0 km
Division 6 Between 9 and 10.5 km
Division 7 9 km and below

For middle distance races 6 Divisions will be offered:

Division Average Speed
Division 1 12.0 km and above
Division 2 Between 11.5 and 12.0 km
Division 3 Between 11.0 and 11.5 km
Division 4 Between 10.5 and 11.0 km
Division 5 Between 9 and 10.5 km
Division 6 9 km and below

No division for average speeds of 12.5 km and above will be offered in the middle distance, these paddlers will compete in the long distance race.
For all short distance races 4 Categories will be offered:

Category Notes
Category 1 U13 Girls
Category 2 U13 Boys
Category 3 Any age beginners who are racing their first race*
Category 4 75+ paddlers who wish to do a short distance.

* All new participants are allowed to do 3 races in these Categories before they will be asked to move to a middle distance.

  • If a long distance paddler wishes to race in the middle distance they will have to race in a speed division above the one they compete in for long distance races. For example, if they race 11.5 to 12 km in long distance races they will be asked to compete in the 12 km and above division for the middle distance race. This rule should make it fairer for those who normally race the middle distance.
  • If a middle distance paddler wishes to race a long distance race they will have to race the same speed in the long distance as they are racing in middle distance.

The committee has looked at paddlers’ time from the 2017 Season and have completed most of the rankings for the 2018 season.
Any paddlers that the committee is unfamiliar with, or unsure of, the committee will use their first race as a ranking race and the paddler will not receive any points for that race.
To move up a division a paddler must have completed 3 races at the speeds of the division above. The decision to move a paddler up a division will be made only by the racing committee.
To be relegated back a division the paddler will have paddled 3 races at the average speed of the division below.  The decision to move a paddler down a division will be made only by the racing committee.
The paddler’s accumulated points will be carried by the paddler to their new division.
The division a paddler finishes in at the end of the year will be the division that the paddler will be eligible for any placings.
If a paddler chooses to race a double they will have to race in the division of the fastest paddler in the boat. (For example, 1st paddler is ranked in Division 3 while the 2nd paddler is ranked in Division 2 then that boat will race in Division 2).
Points will be awarded as follows:

Single Paddlers
1st 6 points
2nd 4 points
3rd 2 points
4th through to last 1 point
Double Paddlers – Points will be divided between the paddlers
1st 3 points each
2nd 2 points each
3rd 1 point each
4th through to last ½ point each

Volunteer points
The committee understands that volunteers are the backbone of this sport and has decided to award 2 points to any volunteer who would normally be racing but is helping out at their own club’s race. These points will also go towards the club trophy.
Accumulative Points
All points earned by paddlers and volunteers will go towards a Club trophy.
All points for each paddler from whichever division they have raced will go towards their own cumulative point score.
The winners will be awarded their prize after the last race of the year.
2018 Marathon Races – Proposed Dates

Day/s Date/s Event Name Venue Host Club
Sun 04-Mar Varsity Lake Race (Marathon Series Race 1) Varsity Lakes Varsity Lake Paddlers Club
Sun 22-Apr Logan River Race (Marathon Series Race 2) Logan River Greater Logan Canoe Club
Sun 03-Jun Wetlands Wanderer (Marathon Series Race 3) Sandgate Sandgate Canoe Club
Sat 09-Jun Mylestom Race (Marathon Series Race 4) Coffs Harbour Pacifica Canoe Club, NSW
Sun 24-Jun Brunswick Heads Race  (Marathon Series Race 5) Brunswick Heads Cape Byron Kayaks, NSW
Sun 29-Jul Brisbane Marathon (Marathon Series Race 6) Graceville Brisbane Canoeing
Sun 12-Aug Lismore Race (Marathon Series Race 7) Lismore Far North Coast Canoe Club, NSW
Sun 26-Aug Thorneside Classic, WRCC (MS Race 8) Thornside Wynnum Redland Canoe Club
Sun 09-Sep Clarence River Race (Marathon Series Race 9) Grafton Big River Canoe Club, NSW
Sun 30-Sep Currumbin Capers (Marathon Series Race 10)
Series Presentation Night
Currumbin Creek Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club
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