Lake Kurwongbah Opens Everyday for Paddling

Lake Kurwongbah

As of Saturday 2 December 2017, paddlers and skiers will be given access to the lake every day of the week and the previous shared recreation arrangement at Lake Kurwongbah introduced in June 2015 will cease at 6:30pm on Friday 1 December.
Seqwater opened the lake to the public for the first time in 2014, under an interim arrangement where paddlers and club skiers enjoyed access to the lake on different days.
In an effort to improve recreation opportunities and keep everyone safe, Seqwater has introduced separate zones (2017 Lake Kurwongbah – Recreation Guide) on the lake: an area for skiing and an area for paddling. Club rowing will also continue on the designated rowing course.
An additional paddle craft wash down facility and launch point has also been established and designated at Mick Hanfling Park.  All recreation users are required to wash their water craft to help prevent the spread of aquatic weeds.
For your safety, and the safety of others, do not paddle or ski outside the designated zone for that activity. Paddlers and skiers must give way to rowers at all times. Skiers must also give way to paddlers.
This outcome is a result of feedback from the community and negotiations with the existing water ski club, rowing club and fish management association.
Finalising arrangements to allow public paddle craft onto Lake Samsonvale
In other news, arrangements are also being finalised to allow paddle craft onto Lake Samsonvale for the first time.
Seqwater has been working with local recreation clubs, neighbours and the Moreton Bay Regional Council with the intention to open Lake Samsonvale to paddle craft access at Forgan Cove (off Forgan Road) by mid-2018.
More information about the public launch facility will be available as planning progresses.
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