Paddle Log – New Versions

New updated versions of “Paddle Log Desktop” and the “Paddle Log App” are now available for download.

Paddle Log Desktop

Extra security has been added to the desktop version of Paddle Log.
The new address is
If you have been using you will need to export your log from this site and import it into the new more secure site.
Export and import are managed by the icon in the top left corner of the page.

Paddle Log 2.7

What’s New in Version 2.7

  • Bug fixes
  • More destinations for exporting log entries
  • Added extra fields for Summary options
  • Limited display to 100 log entries at a time for performance reasons
  • Added page scrolling to enable all log entries to be viewed, 100 log entries at a time
  • Reminder displayed to backup log if not done in last 30 days

Paddle Log will become the preferred way to re-register your AC awards
AC recommends that you become familiar with an app or the desktop version now
Paddle Log is available on Apple Store and Google play details can be found here
Paddle Log desktop version can be found here
Paddle Log is user friendly logbook with the ability to copy and edit past activities.
It will encourage users to keep their logbook current at all times. The data recorded is suitable for submission to Australian Canoeing when applying for an ACAS award.
The log can be exported in a format that can be used as a backup, manipulated in a desktop spreadsheet program or submitted with application for ACAS awards.
Paddle Log also allows users to download a copy of their awards and be visually reminded of their expiry date.

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