2017 National Canoe Marathon Championships Wrap Up

Another round of Queenslanders descended on Sydney International Regatta Centre after the sprint championships to prepare for the 2017 National Canoe Marathon Championships. Unlike the weather earlier in the week, the championships kicked off with clear blue skies and temperatures of 26 degrees. Our Queenslanders began with practicing portage and paddling through the course before racing.

Queenslanders performed well across all age categories bringing home 17 gold medals, 8 silver and 5 bronze. We also had five competitors in 4th place, four in 5th, 2 in 6th, 1 in 8th, 1 in 9th and 1 in 12th place. See a list of how our State Team members performed below.

Thanks to Chris Hurley and Peter Winton who managed the State team at the championships and to Chris, Pete and Ian who organised the two Marathon Development Camps and the State Team uniforms. Finally, thanks to Chris and Brenda Hurley for getting all the boats ready and for counting everyone’s portages.

Thanks to our 2017 sponsors: Chris Hurley Kayaks, Winton’s Carpentry, Australian Paddlers HQ and Heavy Parts for their support of the team.

Mia Jeffries U12 K1 First
Daniel Hardwick U14 K1 Fourth
Chaise Richardson U14 K1 First
Zali Carroll U14 K1 Second
Stella Hosking U14 K1 Third
Ava Lund U14 K1 Fourth
Daniel Hardwick U14 K2 Second
Zali Carroll & Chaise Richardson U14 K2 First
Ava Lund & Stella Hosking U14 K2 Second
Liam Warriner U16 K1 Fifth
Hannah Lund U16 K1 Third
Daniel Mole U18 K2 First
Erin Blanch U18 K2 Second
Hannah Lund U16 K2 Second
Luke Clarkson Vet 35 K1 First
Tom Armit Vet 40 K1 Third
Stuart Bryson Vet 50 K1 Fifth
Gavin Cook Vet 50 Ski First
Megan Pyne Vet 50 K2 First
Chris Gissing Vet 50 TK2 First
Chris Gissing Vet 50 K1 Second
Megan Pyne Vet 50 K1 Fourth
Glenn Pyne Para KL2 First
John Donkersloot & Stuart Bryson Vet 55 TK2 First
Peter Winton Vet 60 K1 First
Greg Litherland Vet 65 K1 Fourth
John Donkersloot Vet 65 K1 Sixth

 Thanks to contributors Alicen Warriner, Chris Hurley and Peter Winton for the article and photos. Also thanks to Brisbane Canoeing and Varsity Lakes Paddlers Masters Development Squad for additional photos.