Young Athletes Travel Subsidy

Qld Government

The Young Athletes Travel Subsidy (YATS) aims to foster the development of young athletes and support elite athlete pathways by providing financial assistance to help alleviate the costs associated with attending championship events.

The travel subsidy provides financial assistance through three event tiers and supports attendance at specific state, national and international events. Officials (such as coaches, referees and scorers) officiating at eligible events can also apply for assistance if they meet the eligibility criteria.

The events that Queensland Canoeing have registered for YATS for 1 January 2017 – 30 June 2017 are:

  • 2017 Queensland Canoe Sprint Championship, Lake Coomera (28-29 Jan 2017)- State
  • 2017 Australian Canoe Slalom – Australian Open, Penrith, NSW (17-19 Feb 2017) – National
  • 2017 Canoe Sprint National Championships, Penrith, NSW (5-9 March 2017) – National
  • 2017 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships, Penrith, NSW (11-12 March 2017) – National
  • 2017 Australian Canoe Polo Championships, Nagambie, (11-13 March 2017) – National
  • 2017 Canoe Polo Oceania Championships, Oceania Canoe Polo Championships, NZ (22-24 April 2017) – International

For more information on the Young Athletes Travel Subsidy visit this link:…/

If there are any questions, please contact Michelle Scoccimarro at the QC office on (07) 3899 1667 or via email at