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An adjustable, ergonomic, and near enough to universal solution to the vexed problem of inadequate mass manufactured foot peg systems.

Key Features of the System:

  • Easily field serviceable with standard Marine Stainless for all screws, nuts, washers and hinges. No tricky springs or special clips.
  • Simplicity means that despite the robust construction it weighs only 120gms more than the most common toe pedal system used in large-scale manufacture.
  • 4 way Adjustable: Width, Length, Toe-pedal Angle, Pedal Spacing.
  • Easy to modify: Provides a sturdy base for custom fitting of full plates to suit your needs. Side tracks can be easily re-drilled to take non-standard hole spacing’s.
  • Australian designed and Manufactured: By Sea kayakers for real kayaking conditions”
  • RRP $320

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