2015 Queensland Canoeing Ocean Racing State Championships

2015 Gold Rush

Brief Introduction 

This years Gold Rush event will once again host the Queensland Canoeing Ocean Racing State Championships.

We have opened the categories up to incorporate Ocean & Spec ski paddlers with 6 separate male / female categories to enter plus a unisex double ski category. Queensland Canoeing state medals will be awarded to the winners of all categories. This event is open to SLS members and the general public.


Ocean & Spec Skis – $25 / event

Doubles – $50 / team

Registration – Closes Thursday, 3rd September 2015 @ 5PM

All Events – Entries open 3rd August 2015

Participates List

Ski –

This Years Poster – 2015 Gold Rush Poster



Full Details

Mermaid Beach SLSC will be hosting a new event to the SLSQ calendar this season called – Gold Rush Beach Festival

This is an event designed to help athletes who are training for the Coolangatta Gold and for individual athletes to test their performance over longer distances. The day has been designed so athletes are able to compete in one or all three events. In addition to this, we have introduced a Nipper M-Shape Iron format and a Beach Volleyball competition. The day will start at 8:30am and finish around 4pm.

At this time there will be no official or IRB commitments from individual clubs. Mermaid Beach SLSC will supply. However, each club will have to provide one water safety person / surf club for the Nipper event. In addition, each nipper will have to have a handler to place their board on the starting line and collect the board at the finish. We are happy for handlers to double up if required.

We have done our best to keep entry prices low. Athletes competing in the open water events (Swim, Board & Ski) will pay $25 per event with double skis paying $50 per team. Each nipper will pay $15.

The open water swim and craft events will be open to both SLSA and non SLSA athletes.


All athletes will have to wear pink rash tops in both the swim, board and nipper events. Athletes will have to supply their own.

In the ski events all paddlers will have to wear PFD’s as you will need to in the Coolangatta Gold.

Event Details

Date:  5th September 2015

Events:  Swim, Board, Ski and Nipper M-Shape Iron


Mermaid Beach SLSC will be running a bus / trailer. $10 per craft

Priority will be given to those athletes participating in multi-able events and are there without support.


All courses will be set for downwind conditions. Below are for a southerly swell / wind which would be preferred.


Open Water Swim  

Distance: 2km+

Course: Nobby Beach SLSC to Mermaid Beach SLSC

Start: 8:30am

Open Water Board  

Distance: 4km+

Course: Miami SLSC to Mermaid Beach SLSC

Start: 11:00am

Nipper M-Shape Irons

Course:  M-Shape course

Start:  12noon until 2pm

Open Water Ski (SLSA and Ocean Skis)

Distance: 15km+

Course: Kirra / Coolangatta to Mermaid Beach SLSC

Start: 1:30 – 2:00pm (depending on Board finishes for those doing multi-able events)

Age Groups

There will be male and female categories for each age group:

Nipper M-Shape Irons – Under 11, Under 12 & Under 13

Swim & Board – Under 14, Under 15, Under 17, Under 19, Open (19 – 34), 35+, 45+ & 55+

Ski – Under 17, Under 19, Open (19 – 34), 35+, 45+ & 55+ / Unisex Double Ski

Ocean Ski Paddlers  

The Gold Rush will be your only major ski paddling event on the Gold Coast. This downwind paddle will hopefully be from Coolangatta to Mermaid Beach SLSC (wind direct dependent).

This years event will be Queensland Canoeing’s Ocean Racing State Championships.

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