Incident Reporting for the Brisbane River

Dear Paddlers that use the Brisbane River,

As the Brisbane river gets busier, we would just like to clarify the process for reporting incidents on the river involving Paddlesport craft. Working closely with Marine Safety Queensland very keen to distinguish between major and minor incidents.

Under the Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994 (TOMSA), a major marine incident is classified as an event causing or involving (the term ‘ship’ here also covers a Paddlesport craft’):

  • The loss of a person from a ship
  • The death of, or grievous bodily harm to, a person caused by a ship’s operations
  • The loss or presumed loss or abandonment of a ship
  • A collision with a ship
  • The stranding of a ship
  • Material damage to a ship
  • Material damage caused by a ship’s operations
  • Danger to a person caused by a ship’s operations
  • Danger of serious damage to a ship
  • Danger of serious damage to a structure caused by a ship’s operations.


If your incident fits this criteria, please complete the attached form Marine Incident Report and send it to Marine Safety Queensland with our office copied into the email. For minor incidents however small, please simply notify us only with the date, time and location of the incident with a small narrative for our reference.

We are re-establishing regular meetings with Marine Safety Queensland, Rowing Queensland and City Cat Ferries to ensure that the river works for all its users.

Happy Paddling upon the Brisbane River.