Brisbane RiverShare Safety Initiative

The Brisbane RiverShare initiative was launched late last year by Transdev Brisbane Ferries, in partnership with Brisbane City Council, Maritime Safety
Queensland and Rowing Queensland. It aims to promote river safety by educating users of the Brisbane River in safely navigating and sharing the
  “As operators of the most visible fleet on the Brisbane River, Council’s CityCats and CityFerries, safely sharing the water is always our highest priority. We are delighted to have the support of Council, MSQ, Rowing Queensland and many others within our river community, to help us in spreading the safety message to the wide range of people in both recreational and commercial vessels of all sizes, who share our river space.” – Managing Director Transdev Brisbane Ferries Colin Jennings.

The ‘RiverShare’ campaign brings the Brisbane River Code of Conduct to life on screen,
via an action packed and humorous training video which has been widely web-streamed at

As well as an accompanying Rivershare Pocket Guide featuring five easy to remember tips to safely share the river, and a city reach map to aid with passage planning.