2015 Australian Canoe Sprint Championships off to a Great Start!

The 2015 Australian Canoe Sprint Championships being held this week in Penrith are off to a great start.

Here is an update and some results from our President & Operations Officer who are both down there supporting the event;

Day 1

Heats and semi finals dominated of the 2015 Australian Canoe Sprint Championships. Some Queensland results:
MK1 1000 35+ Final,Viktor Kelemen (Sunshine Coast) 1st, Matthew Ingerman (Wynnum Redlands ) 2nd, MK1 1000 45+ Final, Peter Gray (Wynnum Redlands) 4th, PC MK1 200 LTA, Peter Nipperess (Varsity Lakes) 4th, PC MK1 200 Multi Class, Curtis McGrath (Varsity Lakes) 1st, Andrew Stiles (Varsity Lakes) 3rd, Glen Pyne (Varsity Lakes) 4th, PC WK1 200 MC, Susanne Seipel (Brisbane) 2nd, Melissa Sullivan (Varsity Lakes) 3rd, Erin Baker (Varsity Lakes) 4th, MK2 1000 16, Tom Green (Currumbin Creek) / Toby Digney (WA) 2nd, Jack Broderick (Kawana Waters) / Dillon Finlay (SA) 4th, Aiden Thompson (Brothers) / Joe Keelan (Sunshine Coast) 5th, Jonathan Gray (Wynnum Redlands) / Daniel Mole (Wynnum Redlands) 6th, WK1 500 16 , Mackenzie Duffy (Kawana Waters) 2nd, Erin Blanch (Currumbin Creek) 3rd, Isabella Gill (Varsity Lakes) 5th WK1 200 A Final, Alyce Burnett (Sunshine Coast) 3rd, Bernadette Wallace (Currumbin Creek) 5th
Brianna Massie (Kawana Waters) 6th.

A storm brought a premature end to racing for the day.

Day 2

The weather is warm early and the water very still – ideal for close racing. An early start to catch up on races postponed from Wednesday.

Gold to Matthew Messenger (Brisbane Canoeing) in the MK1 1000 12. Dario Andrijich won the silver medal.

The trifecta in the WK1 1000 12 final to the Currumbin Creek team mates of Zali Carroll, Natalee Rixon and Chaise Richardson.

More finals as the day progresses.

Congratulations to two of our Under 14 girls teams, winning bronze and gold in the 1000m K4 (as featured in picture)