Want to paddle a canoe solo?

A solo canoe - just bliss to paddle or even motor

A majority of canoes on the market today are a version with 2 or more seats.  But for some us the idea of going it alone is just to good to pass up.

So in a canoe with 2 seats, paddling solo will generally mean your ballast is all wrong – your weight is all down one end.  (I call this, The Shallow Hal effect)  made even worse if you are motoring.

3 solutions.

  1. Put more weight in the bow. – A filled water barrel, a dog, a child, a husband, a wife – but then its not a solo experience.
  2. Turn the canoe backwards and paddle from the back of the bow seat. You can do this in a Rosco – but not a canoe with backrests.
  3. Get a Scamper Solo.

Check out this YOU TUBE and reviews as seen in Bush n Beach and NSW Fishing Monthly.



http://issuu.com/fishingmonthly/docs/nswfm_may14_combined    (page 58)

There is something magical about being the captain of your own vessel and feeling the paddle swoosh through the water as you hear the call of the birds, the humming of the dragon flies and cicadas, the delicate water noise your paddle leaves as you meander on down the river……..

Ahhh the serenity…..

If this sounds like you, Rosco Canoes latest canoe innovation will answer to just this.

The Scamper canoe is a fibreglass 13′ canoe that in a solo set up is just perfect.  It weighs only 20kgs so is manageable for 1 to lift and load.  A payload of 180kg means you can also take a bit of gear as well.

This little canoe can be paddled motored or sailed!   It also is available in a DUO model.

Rosco Canoes have them in store now and available for hire!


Ph 3359 9330

At only 20kg, the new Rosco Scamper Canoe can be easily carried solo.
At only 20kg, the new Rosco Scamper Canoe can be easily carried solo.
Lightweight for 2 people.  Optional motor.
Lightweight for 2 people. Optional motor.
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