Slalom Technical Committee & Committee Chair: Nominations are now Open

What Is Slalom?

Nominations are now open for Slalom Technical committee members and the role of the Slalom Technical Committee Chair.
This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved and have your say in the running of Canoe Slalom in 2014-15.
Chair or member self-nominations can be sent by email outlining your suitability for the role to Nominations will be appointed by the board.
Please support your discipline this season and help us to grow Paddlesports in Queensland.
The role of Technical Committees and Discipline Representatives is*:

  • To represent the discipline in the state of Queensland and network with national counterparts
  • To work alongside QC officers in developing the discipline reporting bi-monthly to the board
  • Co-ordinate an annual state event for the discipline as applicable (EG. a championships, symposium, competition or expedition etc.)
  • Contribute content and news about the discipline to the QC web site, newsletter and annual report.
  • Input into discipline specific documents at state level and support the state team (if applicable).
  • To support the discipline for a minimum of one season (beginning and ending at the Paddlesports Conference every May

Technical Committee and Discipline Representatives will be offered*:

  • Free membership to the organisation (If already paid, this can be refunded for this year)
  • Free use of any craft or resource owned by QC for the discipline (subject to availability)
  • Free access to selected QC Paddlesports training events
  • Free hire of the QC meeting rooms for discipline operations (subject to availability)
  • The chance to put something back into the Paddlesports community, make a difference and see your discipline grow

Discipline committee chairs will additionally be offered*:

  • The opportunity to promote a business or brand on QC media
  • Free Paddlesports dinners and the chance to network within the sport
  • A free QC staff shirt provided each year of service
  • Free entry to the QC annual Paddlesports Conference (Planned for May 2015)
  • Free use of a QC email address & cloud based server for the discipline

Self-nominations as a chair or a member can be sent by email to
Any questions on the above or expressions of interest please get in touch.
Dave Hills
Executive Officer Queensland Canoeing

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