Macleay Island Classic

Macleay Island Classic

Sunday, 28th April 2013

Host club: Tingira Boat Club Inc

Registration and more information at:

The Macleay Island Classic is on this Sunday, April 28, starting at 10.30am. The race consists of a 15km paddle around Macleay Island just off Brisbane. The weather forecast is ideal as we eagerly anticipate the weekend. 

For the last two years we have catered for the Ocean Paddlers but all we get is complaints that the water is too smooth. I would like to put out a challenge that a calm water paddler could knock off the ocean boys and girls and win the $400 first prize up for grabs.

We realize that not everyone is able to win a prize and that there are many who come along just for a paddle. I cannot think of anything more delightful on a Sunday morning than a leisurely paddle around Macleay Island taking in the wonderful views this scenic spot has to offer.

Or better yet, consider coming across to the Island on the Saturday ,enjoy the day and attend the Event Dinner on the Saturday night. Bookings for the dinner and available accommodation can be found on our website below.

For more information and registration please go to:

Alternatively, contact Neville Prosser by:

Phone: (07)  3409 5341 or 0425798750




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