5 Day Whitsunday Island Sea Kayaking Trip

5 Day Whitsundays Sea Kayak Trip (Whitsunday Is.)




7th – 11th October 2013





This trip outline may be subject to change due to weather conditions and should only be used as a guide.

General Information:


All participants will be carry the equipment etc in there kayak. As stated a more comprehensive list of items to bring and how to bring it will be given out when booked on course.


Bookings / Questions:


If you have any questions about the trip or would like to make a booking, please contact. Mark Thurgood of Queensland Canoeing on either

Email: Mark.Thurgood@paddle.org.au Or Phone (07) 33491933





Trip Overview: 


This trip is designed for all paddlers who wish to explore and discover one of the most amazing parts of the Queensland Coast. While at the same time learn some skills and knowledge to have more fun and a safer time on the water. Learn knowledge and skills form fully qualified Australian Canoeing Instructors to help gain Australian Canoeing Awards.

Proposed trip Itinerary:

Participants are to make there own way to Shute Harbour. This is around 1200km from Brisbane. We are more then happy to pass out peoples contact details with there permission if they would like to work out car pooling. We will be towing a trailer up so participants can give us there kayaks to transport. The other option is to fly into Proserpine airport and taxi from there to Shute Harbour.

Day 1: We meet at Shute Harbour at 6.45am and load our kayaks with 5 days worth of equipment, food and water. Our destination for the end of day one is Henning Island. We start with a nice easy paddle out to Denman Island for morning tea. Here we can check that everyone if comfortable and do any fine adjustments. We plan our crossing from here so that the tides are on our side and make our way down to Henning Island. We then have the afternoon to relax, practise skills, read a book or have a sleep.
Distance paddled = 15.8km

Day 2: We pack up camp and head off for another great day. We are heading for one of the most well known beaches in the world. Yes Whitehaven which is our camp site for the night. With regular breaks and time to explore on the way. There will be plenty of time to pick up some new skills.
Distance paddled = 17.5km


Day 3: Today is the shortest paddling distance with only covering 11.7km. This gives as all plenty of time to check out this amazing beaches and lookouts. Hopefully we will have the time and weather to do some rolling practise (what a great place to learn)
We make our way up during the day to our camp site at Peter Bay.
Distance paddled = 11.7km

Day 4: Following the shortest days paddle has to be the longest with a total of 21km being our target today with our destination Joes Beach. On today’s paddle we discover the amazing Northern end of Whitsunday Island.
Distance paddled = 21km

Day 5: Well today is the last day on the water, but we still have a little way to go. Just to make sure you all sleep well tonight. Our first destination is Cid Island for a quick stop before we head across to Denman Island for lunch. We then make our way back to what was our launch spot 5 days earlier.
Over the trip there will be plenty of time during the day and night for us to work on the skills and knowledge needed to be a safer Sea Kayaker. Topics covered are Navigation, Weather, Equipment, Towing, Skills, Rescues, Rolling and loads more. A lot of these topics are your choose to attend, you always have the other option of sun bathing, reading a book, swimming or relaxing.


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