Kayakers Try to Stay Cool in Penrith Heat

Kayakers try to stay cool in sweltering heat

Temperatures are expected to reach 41 degrees today so team managers are doing all they can to keep their athletes cool.

Australian team manager Christine Duff says that the heat could be a crucial factor in performances today.

ÒWeÕve given a bit of a talk to them [the athletes] about hydration,Ó Duff said. ÒTheyÕve been allocated seven bottles of liquid today, they probably need to drink double that.Ó

Some extra measures have been taken to ensure that the athletes perform at their peak.

ÒWeÕve brought out a blender to theyÕre making slushies with ice and cordial,Ó Duff said. ÒAnd in between races and before and after races weÕve advised them to lie on the floor of the showers and let the cold water run over them.Ó

Sixteen-year-old athlete Jacqueline Beaver is feeling the heat.

ÒIÕve been keeping in the shadeÉand drinking a lot of water, your need water,Ó Beaver said.

The Australians have had a great start to the competition with the menÕs K1 1000m. Glenn Rypp and Brendan Rice came one-two in the first heat. Luke Haniford followed in the second heat coming second. All three boys have made it straight through to the final this afternoon.

ÒItÕs fantastic,Ó Beaver said. ÒIt builds up the hype for everyone else.Ó