Australian Canoeing Review

Review Update (2nd Update)

Dear Members

Following an exhaustive review of the Australian Sports Commission document and the recommendations it contains, the Board of Queensland Canoeing in company with sports industry representatives, have concluded that the document requires many clarifications of the review panel.
The Board understand the enormity of the task and responsibility ahead of us and would wish to make recommendations and a submission on behalf of the members that best represents the interests of the majority of canoeing members, clubs, instructors, key stakeholders and participants at all levels.

We have this day forwarded a response with a number of initial questions to clarify some of the important issues to assist in the determinations of the board.

We ask your patience and understanding as this process of due diligence takes place as you would expect of the board representing you.

Mark Priestley
Executive Officer for and on behalf of
The Board of Queensland Canoeing Incorporated

Australian Sports Commission Review of Australian Canoeing Inc. (1st Update)

Clubs and Members,

The Australian Sports Commission Review and recommendations have been handed down and published on Thursday evening last week.

This release follows an Executive Officers and Board phone briefing during that same day. I was fortunate enough to be attending meetings
in Melbourne of the Executive Officers of all Australian States and the item was opened for discussion as a forum on Friday evening which
continued until the very late hours of Saturday morning.

Suffice to say much has developed since the reports release. The consultation process is being extended as it was impossible to convene
meetings of this magnitude in such a short period of time taking into account the events etc underway. The Board of each state will meet in
the next week to discuss and summarise the document and to set a date for the Special General meetings to convey the facts to the members. I
have also sought the expert advice of Sport and Recreation Queensland, Sports Federation Queensland and of Sports Lawyers so as implications
can be discussed with knowledge and fact.

So please be patient and ensure the discussions you each have are based on fact and take into account all of the implications of the report as
it “currently” stands. We will keep in touch and I welcome any contact regarding clarification issues related to the review.

Yours Faithfully

Mark Priestley
Executive Officer
Queensland Canoeing Incorporated