Draft Club Constitution Template

Club Constitution Template

We have developed a Club Constition Template which is inline with our State and National Constitution. It has been developed merely as a tool/resource to assist clubs if they wish to implement and utilise a new Constitution. It is also still in DRAFT format.

We are sending it out initially for feedback on the overall template, therefore we require your feedback, if any, on appropriate changes that you feel are needed for a club constitution. Obviously if a club decides to utilise this template there would be some cosmetic changes to make it fit in with their club set up and would require a legal overlook on completion.

As discussed and agreed upon by the majority at the recent Mid Year Meeting a timeframe of 3 months will be allocated to allow clubs to read and send in any changes for consideration. Therefore, the due date for feedback is 30th November 2006. We will then adjust any accepted changes and have it checked by a legal professional for clubs then to implement in their timeframe.

Please contact Mark or myself if you have any questions.

Kind Regards
Rachel Thomas

Administration and Marketing Officer