Queensland Canoeing is proud to present the CANKANU  program


CANKANU provides opportunities for inclusive participation in quality, safe and fun structured

paddling activities using flatwater and canoe polo.


An extensive range of canoeing activities and games are offered to participants. A Certificate of recognition is presented on

successful completion of each level.


 CANKANU highlights active and healthy lifestyle options for participants.


Target Audience


1 – Adults

      • Canoe Club Coaches, Instructors and Officials
      • School PE Departments
      • Parents of Children Considering Canoeing/Kayaking as a Sport
      • Mature Age Novice Paddlers


 2 – Youth


      • School Children
      • Junior Kayak Club Members – Exsisting and Potential – aged Under 18 years


Video and CD/DVD



      • Motivate Clubs and Schools to run safe and enjoyable programs
      • Motivate Youth to be active and healthy
      • Provide a visual description of canoeing and kayaking as a short mpg1 video
      • Provide a pathway door development and recognition of participants