South East Qld Series # 3 Race Flyer

South East Qld Series # 3 Race RESULTS

Lourdes Hill College is hosting the South East Premier Series #3 race on Sunday 17th July. The race will be held on Currumbin Creek, Gold Coast. It is also the day after the Qld Schools MarathonsÉ.a good excuse for a weekend on the coast!

It has been decided to open the race to team boats only. This means that only K2, K4, TK2, TC2, C2, double ski, and anything else with two or more people will be allowed to enter. (If you are really keen to race in singles, you may, but will generate no points towards the points score).

The flyer for this race is below.

It would be great if we could get a few K4s on the water. If your club has a K4 that you are happy to share with other clubs, could you please advise me of this ASAP so I can organise boat sharing. Likewise, if you would like to paddle K4 and don’t have a boat, let me know and hopefully we can work something out.

Any questions, contact Erin O’Keeffe on 0402 483 983 or email

Erin O’Keeffe
LHC Canoe Coordinator

Dear Rachael Could you please pass onto Erin and her team hearty congratulations on a job well done last Saturday at Currumbin Creek? We all enjoyed ourselves immensely and our members from the four schools on the Sunshine Coast really appreciated all the time and effort that went into the planning and running of such a successful event. Well done everyone! Regards Alan Macklin Commodore Kawana Waters Canoe Club