AVON Descent Information


Please find below a letter we received from the Acon Descent Association.

For the past 4 years Northam’s Avon Descent Association has conducted an Interstate Challenge as part of the event.

During a review of last years event it was established taht the Interstate Challenge was not achieveing the objectives set out by the Association or the funding sources involved in the event. The Interstate Challenge will no longer be conducted as part of the Avon Descent.

To increase the profile of the event we have introduced the Tri Nations Challenge. The Avon Descent has established a strong relationship with paddlers from South Africa’s Fish Marathon. Each year the two events provide a transfer of athletes to ad value to the other event.

With this affiliation in pace the next step is to establish a similarly beneficial relationship with a New Zealand event to create the ‘Tri Nations Challenge’ – with competitors from South Africa, New Zealand and Australia competing for the pride of their countries.

We thankyou for your support of the event over the past four years.

Yours sincerely

David Hunt

Event Manager

Avon Descent Multiplez