2005 Peppertown Brisbane Valley 100 Canoe Race

Exciting news!!!

Di Bensley met with Camp Quality this week and they yesterday confirmed that they will be this year’s beneficiary for the annual Brisbane Valley 100 Canoe Race. We feel there are sufficient synergies between our two organisations to commence a new era of the BV. 

Camp Quality is all about families and fun something, Queensland Canoeing strongly agrees with for our members.Camp Quality is a non profit organisation that conducts recreational, educational and financial support to children living with cancer, their families and communities.  One of the major experiences they offer children and families are camps.  The majority of these camps are based on recreational experience like canoeing, horse riding and abseiling in the summer and skiing in the winter months. Each camp is fully funded by the organisation, including the cost of the carers (companions).

Camp Quality will hold approximately 125 recreational camps this year throughout Australia for children living with cancer and the money we raise from the BV will go directly to a specific camp identified.  One possibility will be a weekend camp being conducted in March 2006 for children 4 – 8 years.

Brisbane Valley entry forms and more information will be available next week!!!!



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