Wooli Wooli River, Wooli, NSW

Wooli Wooli River, Wooli, NSW


The paddle


From the caravan park head up the Wooli River. You can paddle upstream as far as the conditions and your time allow. There may be limited opportunities to stop on the trip. You will need to return to the caravan park to finish your paddle.


How to get there


Wooli is on the coast north of Red Rock. A suitable launch point is available from the caravan park.


What to expect Ð water conditions, etc


This is a tidal river.


Distance/Time to allow


Depending on the conditions and your available time a paddle between 2 to 4 hours could be accommodated. It is estimated that up to 20 km can be paddled upstream in a canoe.


Camping facilities, accommodation, etc


The closest caravan park in the general area is:


Wooli Caravan Park, Wooli

Phone: (02) 6649 7671

Email: woolipark@ceinternet.com.au    


Other attractions in the area


Solitary Islands Marine Reserve. Fishing. Red Rock.


Other useful information


The Wooli River flows through the Yuraygir National Park. Further local information can be obtained from: