Victoria Pt to Coochiemudlo Island, Moreton Bay

Victoria Point to Coochiemudlo Island, Moreton Bay


The paddle


The launch point is from the boat ramp at Victoria Point.


From the launch point use the Beacon to Beacon directory or a relevant chart to determine your direction and bearing to Coochiemudlo Island. You are also able to circumnavigate the Island if conditions and your time permit.


You will need to return to the Victoria Point boat ramp by reversing your route after your activities on Coochiemudlo Island.


How to get there


From the Cleveland Ð Redland Bay Road, Victoria Point turn into Colburn Avenue or Benefer Road (which eventually merges into Colburn Avenue). Follow Colburn Avenue until you reach the boat ramp near the Air Sea Rescue.


What to expect Ð water conditions, etc


You need to plan your paddle with reference to the tide book as it is best to paddle on a slack tide.


You will need to keep a watch for sandbanks at low tide.


A good introductory Bay paddle.


Distance/Time to allow


Coochiemudlo Island is not far from Victoria Point and you could allow 2 to 3 hours depending on your priorities and available time.


Camping facilities, accommodation, etc


There are a range of accommodation options available on the island, though camping is not allowed.


Other attractions in the area


Walking Paths, historical sites of interest.


Other useful information


There may be opportunities to spot dolphins, dugong or turtles in the shallow waters near the beach.