MacIntyre River Downstream, Goondiwindi

                            Macintyre River Downstream, Goondiwindi       


The paddle


Turn right from the boat ramp and head down the river. After approximately an hour of a leisurely paddle downstream you will notice a creek on the right side. This is Callandoon Creek, and the junction of the river and creek provides an opportunity for a break.


Here you have the opportunity to head further up Macintyre river and possibly locate the weir (as estimates of distance vary) or head up Callandoon Creek to its weir which is approximately a further 30 minutes one way, and you will need to return to the river/creek junction.


At the end you will need to head back upstream to the boat ramp where you started from.


There are a few variations to the paddle downstream you can organise. 


How to get there


The launch point is the Goondiwindi Boat Ramp, which is located near the town centre on the bank of the Macintyre river. The Boat Ramp is in Elizabeth Street. Perhaps the easiest way is to travel down Marshall Street to Elizabeth Street and turn right. Shortly after this turn you will see a toilet block on the left, and you will need to turn down the boat ramp path on the left shortly after the toilet block. Proceed down the path to the ramp. There is an excellent turning space at the bottom of the ramp for cars without trailers.


Toilets are available at the Water Park near the boat ramp.


Distance/Time to allow


You probably need to allow at least 3-4 hours, though you can tailor your distance to your available time.


What to expect Ð water conditions, etc


The Macintyre river has a weir upstream and downstream, though a current is still noticeable at different times. It is wise to be cautious around water pumping stations and weirs on the river and creek. Submerged trees and rubbish risks need to be considered, especially in Callandoon Creek which is narrow in sections.


The temperature in Goondiwindi should also be considered in determining the best time for a paddle. As a general rule the earlier in the day the better depending on the time of the year.


Camping facilities, accommodation, etc


Goondiwindi has a variety of accommodation to suit a variety of requirements. The main caravan parks in the area are:


Gundy Star Tourist Van Park

Old Cunningham Highway Goondiwindi

Phone: (07) 4671 2900




Goondiwindi Tourist Park

Hungerford Street, Goondiwindi

Phone: (07) 4671 2566



Other attractions in the area


Border Bridge, Gunsynd Statue, Customs House Museum, Fishing, Bird Trails, River Walk. Annual Hell of the West triathlon event.


Other useful information


A bird list is available from the Goondiwindi Information Centre.