Lake Broadwater Conservation Park, Dalby

Lake Broadwater Conservation Park, Dalby


The paddle


The lake covers approximately 350 hectares and when full is 3m deep. The neck area of the lake has been designated a waterfowl refuge and no boats are permitted on this portion of the lake.


Given the enclosed nature and size of the lake you can design a variety of interesting paddles in different directions.


The launch and return point is the boat ramp.


How to get there


Lake Broadwater Conservation Park is situated approximately 30 km south-west of Dalby and is accessible by sealed roads. The turn-off from the Moonie Highway is 20 km from Dalby.


What to expect Ð water conditions, etc


Specific regulations are administered on the lake and include boating permits. You will need to check what regulations apply when organising your paddle activities. The brochure below identifies a contact number for the caretaker.


Given the size of the lake you need to consider the effect of winds and changing weather conditions.


As water skiing is a key activity on the lake care should be taken around water ski activities and especially near the boat ramp.


Boating activities are allowed between 6am and sundown.


Distance/Time to allow


You can tailor your paddles to the time that you have available. You can organise interesting paddles of 2 to 4 hours in duration.


Camping facilities, accommodation, etc


There are some camping facilities available at the Lake area. A camping permit will be required from either Wambo Shire Council in Dalby or on site at the camp grounds. The brochure highlighted below provides more information.


Other attractions in the area


As a conservation park animals and plants are interesting to observe. Dalby also offers other local attractions, with Moonie in the other direction.



Other useful information


Information on the Conservation Park can be accessed from the website at: