Goondiwindi Natural Heritage and Water Park, Goondiwindi

Goondiwindi Natural Heritage and Water Park, Goondiwindi       


The paddle


The Goondiwindi Natural Heritage and Water Park has a shorter circuit (for canoes/kayaks) and a longer circuit to travel around. It is important to travel around the circuit in an anticlockwise manner as outlined on the map at the boat ramp.


In addition there is a restricted area on the left side of the circuit that you can paddle a canoe/kayak to and is a restricted area.


In all cases you need to arrive back at the boat ramp.


How to get there


Travelling on the Cunningham Highway from Inglewood turn left (if travelling from Moree on the Cunningham Highway turn right) into Kildonan Road (there is a small MX Track sign at this turn), then left into Johnstone Road. Once in Johnstone Road turn right through the wire gate and follow the bitumen path to the boat ramp to organise launching of your canoe/kayak.


What to expect Ð water conditions, etc


The main issue to consider in the water park is to avoid the water ski activities and to ensure that you donÕt interfere with swimmers using the swimming areas. In some areas there may be submerged items to consider, though these are mainly restricted areas. This is an environmental area so once it has been fully developed it will be a unique resource in Western Queensland.


The temperature in Goondiwindi should also be considered in determining the best time for a paddle. As a general rule the earlier in the day the better depending on the time of the year.


Toilets are available at the Water Park near the boat ramp.


Distance/Time to allow


You can tailor your time on the water park. Probably one to two hours depending on how much time you wish to spend exploring the area.


Camping facilities, accommodation, etc


Goondiwndi has a variety of accommodation to suit a variety of requirements. The main caravan parks in the area are:


Gundy Star Tourist Van Park

Old Cunningham Highway Goondiwindi

Phone: (07) 4671 2900




Goondiwindi Tourist Park

Hungerford Street, Goondiwindi

Phone: (07) 4671 2566



Other attractions in the area


Border Bridge, Gunsynd Statue, Customs House Museum, Fishing, Bird Trails, River Walk. Annual Hell of the West triathlon event.


Other useful information


A bird list is available from the Goondiwindi Information Centre.